I have a custom designed glass studio in my home and I offer classes for adults and kids.

Kid’s Classes — to see video click here

kidI offer art glass classes for kids in sixth grade and up. Your kids will learn fused glass in an intimate environment where they will get lots of attention (no more than four kids per class). Teacher holidays? School holidays? After school? Home schooled? We can arrange a one time class or a series of classes. Please contact me at 301-229-1135. Classes cover composition, design, color, how to cut glass, how to assemble the glass for the kiln, and more.

Kids classes cost $30 per hour plus $10 materials per session including firing (Minimum two kids per class). Most sessions
are 3-4 hours including a lunch or snack break.

Because my classes are very small (maximum 4 people) your child gets personalized attention. They are not sharing me with 15 other students. So they will have an experience unlike any other in the area.
If this is of interest to you, please call me at 301-229-1135 or email me at

Class overviews:

First Time Fusers I

mom and daughter                     









Intro to art and technique of fused glass: Learn how to design, select colors, cut, clean, assemble, fire, fuse and tack glass. You will create two pieces–one full fused and one tack fused. Full fusing and tack fusing firing methods will be discussed. You will learn how to incorporate stringers, glass dots, and frit in your work. Cost includes supplies, tools and firing. This is a great way to learn fused glass and have fun at the same time. No experience necessary.

(2) 3-4 hour classes $295

First Time Fusers II

Expand your skills with this continuing class in the First Time Fusers series. A more in-depth study of fusing techniques, including intermediate level cutting and grinding, circle cutting, exploring accessory glass options, and discussions about hanging/displaying options . Make two pieces to be fused and slumped. Cost includes supplies, tools and firing.

(2) 3-4 hour classes $295

Most of my classes are arranged around your schedule. There are some specific dates for the mini-workshop below. If you cannot attend those dates, please contact me to arrange another date.

Mini workshop

barbara         workshop

No experience necessary! In this workshop, you will learn the basics of glass fusing! Principals such as glass compatibility, design, and construction, fusing and slumping will all be covered. Students will create an 8″ x 8″ flat plate which will be full fused. Cost include instruction, supplies, tools and firing. You can have your piece slumped for an additional fee.

2.5 hour class $90




 Designer Glass Workshop

designer glass

Create “designer glass” to use in your glass work. Select from a variety of colors, rods, transfer graphics, stringers, and frits to design a sheet of custom glass. If you choose to, once it is fused, you can come back and cut it apart and to use in several pieces in the future to create truly one-of-a-kind work. Supplies and firing included.

2.5 hour class $90





Add on:

If you want to incorporate your designer glass into a slumped piece once it is fired, you can come back and design a piece and have it fused and slumped into a shape. Supplies and firings included.

3 hour class $125

collage bowl








victorian girl

Learn how to do 5 techniques: enamel painting, powder painting, screen printing, transfers and crackle. This class will give you an overview of all 5 techniques. You will create samples of each technique in the first class which will be fired. Then in class 2, you will design a glass collage using several or all of the previously fired pieces.  Cost includes supplies, tools and firing.

(2) 3 hour classes $200

 Big Beautiful Bowl

big bowl

Design a gorgeous huge deep dish or bowl to use for serving or for a grand gift. Cost includes supplies, tools and firings.

4 hour class $145





 Backsplash tiles workshop


Create tiles to use as a backsplash or accent to a wall in your house. In this class students will receive instruction, glass and materials needed to create several tiles that can be glued at home to your wall. Includes use of tools, supplies and firing. Once you take the class you can come to open studio to make more tiles!

3 hour class $125

Painting with Powders

colorado sky     painted fruit platter

This is an advanced class. Learn how to paint with powders. You will learn many options for working with powders including which tools to use and how to use them. Tools may include strainers, brushes, rubber tipped tools, stencils, razors, sticks, found objects, glass tack and more. You will learn what effects different tools will produce, and will design several sample pieces in the first class. Once fired, you will incorporate your samples into a new piece that you will design. Cost includes supplies, tools and firing.

(2) 3-4 hour classes $250

 Powdered images workshop

amy with blue eyes   man with crown

Learn to create a unique portrait of a friend, loved one, or a favorite animal using fusible glass powder! Drawing experience is not required. I will give you tips, techniques, tools and guidelines to assist you. Painting with Powders class is required before taking this class. All you need to bring is an 8”x 8” photo or drawing of what you want to create. Cost includes supplies, tools and firing.

4 hour class $145





Take a Stand      

dancing tree

Create a two-dimensional fused glass piece to display in a metal stand. Consider design, color, height, and angles of glass design when composing your project using your choice of opaque and transparent glass, accessory glass components and a variety of techniques to achieve textural effects. Bring your design ideas to the first class. Supplies, fusing and metal stand included.

4-5 hour class $225




Tick Tock Clock


Design a clock. Where ever your imagination takes you is possible. Everyone needs a clock, especially a hand made one. Create the clock in class one, and assemble it in class two. Supplies and firing included.

3-4 hour class day one , 1 hour day two $165

Gifts workshop

Looking for that special gift? Choose to make any two-three of the following items: small 5″x 5″ candy dish, wine stopper, candle holder, button covers, soap dish, business card holder, napkin holder, coasters or night light. Great gifts for hostesses, teachers, your massage therapist or hairdresser! Supplies and firings included.

3-4 hour class $125

candle holder
napkin holder







Create your own dinnerware

Learn how to design for a dinnerware set and create a salad and dinner plate. You will learn the process, how to think about designing for a dinner set, how to cut, clean, assemble and select the shape you want and then have your pieces fired. Tools, materials and firings included. Once you take this class, you can come to open studio to make more plates. I have a set I use all the time and never does anyone sit at my table and not tell me how much they love the dishes!

(2) 3-4 hour classes $225

Circles Circles Circles!


Learn how to cut circles. This will add a whole new dimension to your work and designs. You will learn how to cut small and large circles, and create one piece incorporating what you have learned. Once you master circle cutting, you will be able to create so many more interesting pieces. Supplies tools, and firings included.

4 hour class $145


Design a beautiful glass mirror. Create a border around a mirror to show off your creative skills. Includes use of tools, materials and firing and mirror.

4 hour class $145

Transfer Design

joe     balloon

Create a fused glass piece that incorporates a combination of a photograph, graphic, and/or illustration. Bring images you’d like to transfer, or select from my library. I will scan/and or photoshop your image to make it compatible for glass transfer. You will learn how images are transferred onto glass and fused. You will add paint, stringers, confetti and other elements to enhance your design. You will design and have fused a small sample and then design a larger piece. There will be three firings. Tools, supplies and firings included   

(2) 2-3 hour classes  $225

Draped Piece


Design a glass piece that will be draped over a mold in the kiln. This is a sculptural design that stands on its own or may be used as a vase or candle votive. Incorporate stringers, previously made designer glass, glass dots, frit and more. There will be two firings. Tools, supplies and firings included.

3-4 hour class  $145.
If you would like to drape a larger piece (18″ square) add $50.

Mosaic flower pot

mosaic pot

Learn how to design a mosaic flower pot using broken plates, shells, coins, glass buttons, tile pieces and more. This is a 2 part class. First class you will design and glue the pieces onto the pot, and the second part you will grout and clean the piece. Great class to do with a friend. Cost includes pot and materials.

(1) 3 hour class (1) 1 hour (0r s0) class. $145


If you are an experienced fused glass artist or after you take first time fusers and want to work in my studio, I offer open studio hours for $15 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. Or you can buy a package of 10 hours for $130. I will fire your pieces for a fee. Call me to arrange a time.

Call me at 301-229-1135 or email me at if you are interested in taking classes or signing up for open studio.

I schedule these classes around your schedule. If you don’t see a class you’d like to take, or have an idea for one, please call me at 301-229-1135. I will also  help you with any special projects you may have.

Client Comments:

“I have taken several classes with Jill and she really inspires you to be creative and make something unique but still with your own voice.”

“I commissioned her to design glass lighting fixtures that are “knock-out sensational.”

” When can I come back with my mother?”

” I love your studio!”

“You are a great teacher!”

“Do people come here every day? I would love to!”

“I didn’t think I had any art talent.”

“I lose myself in your studio. This is so much more fun than work.”

“This is great therapy!”

” I love learning something new.”

” This is SO MUCH fun!!”