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Welcome! I invite you to enjoy my kiln formed glass work.

I have been working with glass since 2003. My inspiration comes from many experiences and places I have traveled both in the USA and around the world. I am particularly interested in color and texture. I am always learning more about glass and how I can “push the envelope” in my work. I love using interesting color combinations and incorporating other mediums like beads, copper, silver, feathers, swarvski crystals, fusible paper, glass rods, beads and buttons. My profession as a graphic designer influences my work.  I sometimes incorporate graphic design into my work including photos, illustrations, typography, maps, and musical scores.

I am a member of a co-op gallery in Bethesda, Maryland called The Waverly Street Gallery. There nineteen members and we represent a wide variety of mediums including jewelry, painting, sculpture, clay, multi media, photography, and more.

All of my work is one-of-a-kind. I enjoy designing work that has its own personality. I like to think that each piece tells me what it wants to look like and I just bring it to life. I create new pieces all the time and love doing custom work. I have a home gallery if you would like to stop by to shop for a unique gift. If you would like to discuss a custom project email me at jill@creativeglassdesign.com or call 301-229-1135.

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